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Actively working since 2013, we have completed over 100 different projects and initiatives.

Extensive experience of working with children from foster care institutions, day care centers, and socially assisted families has been accumulated. We are happy to contribute to a more successful start of your life!

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Educational camp activities

Many years of experience in organizing children's summer recreation, day camps, excursions and multifaceted education. 

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State-funded projects

We carry out projects financed by the Ministry of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of Lithuania, related to the prevention of crisis pregnancies, human trafficking, inter-institutional cooperation, citizenship, organization of training for young people, language teaching, integration, education. 

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Charity projects

Together with partners and sponsors, we carry out annual charity projects for children with disabilities, with oncological diseases, people of various ages living in care institutions.

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The DNA of talent

This is where talents and opportunities meet.

We are looking for talented children and young people and we give them a chance to develop their talents.

Sports, art or science - it doesn't matter, we will find the best tutors and mentors.

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